Derivation of the name of the Fidget Spinner

The Fidget Spinner derived its name from the action it is meant to address. Many people like to fidget and so will require having something in their hand to play with thus giving it a name as such since it I meant to channel fidgeting into productivity and mental alertness. The use of this toy has been seen as the source of distraction by some people. These toys can be used discretely without causing distraction and creating a scene. So many of such fidget toys have come and go and have never succeeded in diverting the attention of individuals especially children.

Several videos have produced and uploaded online for people to see and learn the act of spinning the fidget toy. Many of these videos have seen a lot of likes and views signifying a large population of people subscribing to the use of the >Fidget Spinner. Various tricks have been displayed by these spin tutors to allow people learn the act of spinning. The tricks vary from simple for beginners to complex as done by professionals who have mastered the act of spinning. Some people have been seen to use air compressors to generate spins that are very fast which are impossible for the ordinary hand to generate. There are many fidget toy companies out there that produce different fidget toys for children and adults. They have tagged these fidget toys are therapeutic devices used for post-traumatic stress actions and control of disorderliness of people. The use of a thing may not be known to people as they require lessons and instruction of use. So is the case for the use of Fidget Spinner for people to make productive use of the fidget toy as conceived by the people who designed it? The use of fidget toys can now be used without fear of misuse when people are taught its correct usage.