How To Watch Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a very popular TV drama show and there are a lot of people out there who follow the drama show. Why a lot of the fans are children, there are some adults who find the TV series interesting and even educative. It is quite surprising at times that a TV series which started way back in 1963 is still being aired today, 50 years after it was first aired. This series had undergone a lot of modifications in order to be relevant to the different generations it has so far served. This article will attempt to tell you the ways you can go about watching this TV series for those who do not know.

First, you should be informed that the series is shown on BBC weekly and that it had been like this since it was first aired in 1963. This is why BBC has named it the longest showing TV series. This is a known fact in the UK. So, if you really want to follow the series as events unravel, you should ensure you watch it every week on BBC. But, in order for you to follow up well, you might have to watch the previous series and you can start from the Doctor Who 2005. This is because that marks the beginning of the renewed version of the series. However, some people prefer to start watching it from the very beginning so that they will not miss out on any part of the series. For people like this, there is a provision for you to do that. You can easily purchase the Doctor Who DVD, which is a collection of all the series from the beginning. You can either search for shops where you can buy this TV series In the traditional way or you can decide to use a faster and effective method - online search. If you use online search, it will give you online shops where you can order the DVD from and even make payment online. Finally, it should be noted that you could actually watch this series on the internet. There are a lot of websites where you can comfortably do this provided you have a good internet connection with an appreciable speed.