Interesting Facts About Pawn Stars’ Austin Chumlee Russell’s Career

Austin Chumlee Russellis an American actor, reality television personality, and businessman who is best known for his appearance in the TV realty series “Pawn Stars”, a popular History Channel television show. The nickname “Chumlee” was got by him at the age of 12 due to his large stature resembling an animated TV series Tennessee Tuxedo’s walrus character named Chumlee. This nickname later became his popular stage name and that offered him recognition as Pawn Stars Austin Chumlee Russell.

About Chumlee Austin Lee Russell was born in Henderson, Nevada, United States on September 8, 1982. Chumlee and Corey were best childhood friends and used to spend time together in pawn shop founded in 1989 and jointly owned by Rick Harrison and his father, Richard Benjamin Harrison. The show Pawn Stars portrays the daily business at the Las Vegas’ Gold and Silver Pawn Shop of which Russell is an employee. Chumlee worked at the pawn shop as an employee when he was 21 and worked there for five years prior to filming of the first season of the realty show “Pawn stars” in July 2009. Success of Pawn Stars Pawn stars was a fictional series and Chumlee’s character was more prominent than it should have been originally and became favorite character of the audiences. He also added comedy in the show for which he was referred to as “village idiot.” This resulted in success of the show and Chumlee as lovable character in this TV series.
All about Chumlee’s career In 2010, Chumlee came up with his own company to sell merchandise of his own character including t-shirts and other items and later sold 50% share of this company to Rick. Pawn Stars merchandise were hot selling in the market. Chumlee was charged for as many as twenty felony counts including sexual assault, drug, and weapon charges and was arrested in 2016. He remained away from scene in 2016 and 2017 but in 2018, he is still at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.