MU Online Private Server: Better Connectivity Better Gaming Experience

mu online is a popular game. A Korean company originated it in the year 2001. It is a full 3D game. The game is based on legendary continent of MU.

MU Game features

Like other games, it has several features too.

• Eight different classes are there. Name of few are

 Dark Wizard

 Dark Night

 Elf : Female Character

 Summoner: Female character

 Rage Fighter

 Grow lancer- Female Character

• Involves lots of monsters, some are simple, whereas some are frightening.

• Fighting with those monsters

• Each and every monster is unique in nature.

• Player verses player fighting is also there.

• Self-defense system will be automatically activated at the time of fighting between two players.

• You can unlock a magic gladiator and Dark Lord as you progress in the game.

• The characters are able to use different magic, spells, and weapons.

• It has an in-built chatting system.

• Easy communication via text is possible

MU Online Private Server

Lots of online games are available through the game private server. They are listed as follows:

• Angelsmu New S10 World

• GlobalMU S9Ep5

• TitanMu S10Ep3 New x 1000

• Mu Dream S6Ep3 x 5000

• MUX Global/Arkania Episode 3/Premium

• PrimeMu Session 9 –The Biggest Server

• Heon Mu –Unique Modified Version

• Mu onlines Dynamic x 200

• War of Glory x 1000

• Devil Mu99b+

• M8Mu New Dynamic x 300

• Infinity Mu

• Virtual Mu S10Ep3

• Pandora MU

• ChaosMu Epic x 100

• Inferno Mu Season 10

• MuRomania

• Mercosur MU EL Mejor Servidor Latinno

The private server is mainly controlled privately. It is normally pre-configured. You can buy it from the market. Online gaming is now more convenient and easy to play. So enjoy your own mu online private server.