RS GOLD: What Costs The Most?

As in the real world, things in RuneScape cost money. And a few of the things are more lavish than the others that mean you're going to spend a number of rs gold. We tallied up each of the things and how much they cost nowadays in order to learn, where it is possible to invest the most money in RuneScape.

Holiday things These cost a lot as they're generally stopped after certain vacations. For instance, if you would like to get a blue party hat which premiered in 2001 and afterwards stopped, you may need to cover 10000M coins for this. And that's for a product that provides you no bonuses! High costs go for Christmas Cracker, Green, Red, White, Yellow and Purple party hats. But that is RuneScape for you -- the rarer it's, the more it costs. Another pricey holiday thing -- shameful Santa hat that you are able to swap for 2200M coins. Extras Another product that's at the top 10 of the priciest things is Third-Age Dye. It prices 2,147,483,647 RS gold -- like the stopped holiday things out of Christmas, 2001. This dye is really expensive since it's fairly tough to get by -- again the cost is influenced by the items depended. If obtained, the dye may be employed on 25 items. It can't be eliminated from the dyed items. Magic Products Should you finish quests, you may sooner or later get drops. One of these is Dormant Staff of Sliske (exchange worth 1,273M) which it is possible to get from Telos. It may be combined into Staff of Sliske, which costs even more in trade: 2,110M coins. This team not only offers 60,000 charges, but could also get you special assault "In the Shadows". Normally, the more things price, the more incentives they provide. So it's fairly beneficial to try and get more rs gold in order to buy desired products. Bear in mind, that costs do vary in RuneScape, so keep an eye on Grand Exchange's upgrades.