Save Tumblr video after downloading the video and GIFs

save tumblr video can be done, firstly videos can be downloaded by simply copy paste the link of the video. The download link will be provided by tube Ninja, and the link can save download link in phone very easily. FirstTumblr blog has been launched for the campaign of an advertisement of the brand. The company launched an official Tumblr blog for the employment of the dashboard.

To save Tumblr video after downloading From Tumblrblogs, videos will be downloaded without downloading any software. • You can download the Tumblr video by copy paste the link. Copy the link which video you want to download. Install video downloader Tumblr; this is an app to be downloaded to your device. You can browse any GIF and can download any video. • Also, can save Tumblr video. You can download video and GIF by simply tapping download GIF and download video, in these two options. • On the Tumblr, video right click the mouse and then select “inspect.” By pressing CTRl+ F a search box will appear. • You just have to type mp4and enter. You have to find out the location of the video. In the URL it will start with HTTP/. • Then again get a command “open link in new web” by right clicking the mouse.
Tumblr blogs and its use • The question can be submitted toTumblr blogs. Then an instant messaging function is introduced, which allows chat with other Tumblr users. • The messages are only text based. All kinds GIFs and many videos can be found Tumblr. The alley headquarters of Tumblr is situated at New York City silicon Alley. • Revenue is generated by selling themes for changing the appearance of the blog. • It is the user to whom they sold their themes. Save Tumblr video is very much needed so that you can watch them online.