Severings of Gloria James and company as a Singapore divorce lawyer

If you are finding for a Singapore divorce lawyer, then you can also go through Gloria James – Civetta & Co. Apart from PKWA, this company will also offer you the best divorces lawyer, and it has also got more than 20 years of experiences. All of their lawyers are been trained from the Singapore mediation centre.

Areas of specializing of this company are: • Criminal law • Family law • Divorce Law • Estate law • Civil Disputes This company was established by Gloria James who already had more than 20 years of experiences in the field of law. What are the stages in which divorce will proceed in Singapore? There are mainly two stages in which the court will decide what to do with the case: • In the first stage, the court will listen from the divorce lawyer Singapore about the reclaim of the two parties, and their statement will be recorded. After that, the court will decide whether the divorce case will proceed or not. • At the second stage after the divorce process is over the court will only decide who will get the child custody and they also decide about the maintain of the child and wife • At the third and the final stage, the two parties will receive the concluding judgment. Details about Gloria James as a female divorce lawyer of Singapore? Gloria James is a Sri Lankan female, divorced lawyer of Singapore. She is mainly derived from an advocate, counsellor, mediator and collective lawyer practices. She is the women who had experiences of about law mare than 20 years in the several areas in the field of law such as family, criminal, civil, corporate, etc. She is the founder of Gloria James – Civetta and Co which consists of several best family lawyers across the world. She is also a lawyer of Collaborative divorce which is considered as a legal process in which the couple do not have to go through the long process, and they can end their marriage in a simple process.