Supernatural and the CW

Supernatural seasons on The CW offers continuing to impress with it's viewership earlier this season. I can't believe how great earlier this season ended up being.. Dean had to make tough decisions and watch out for his younger brother Sam through the entire season. Sam was dropping deeper and deeper in to the dark globe of stealing demonic power through consuming their blood.

Both brothers clashed and struggled with each other atlanta divorce attorneys episode in brand-new and interesting methods. Heck, Dean had got to lock Sam in a basement merely to detox the demonic possession! The turns and twists supplied on the way show precisely how mature this cast and series have grown to be during the period of four years. I cannot let you know enough how excited I am that the CW decided to give Supernatural their much deserved fifth season. However there will be changes this new season. Supernatural will no longer run on Thursday nights beside its long time partner Smallville. I question how this will result the viewership for both of these great sci fi shows in the long run?

They have done great side by side for so long I am a little saddened to see it come to an end. Who knows this may give Supernatural an opportunity to get more people interested in the series and prolong the drama that is therefore deeply ingrained in the Winchester Family members. Probably the most intriguing stories this year involved Dean being cut back from hell. I recall watching the pilot considering how in the globe are they gonna describe this! They described it by making use of Castil, an angel of god, the father who rescues Dean from Hell to be able to have him do his bidding. I was stunned! The cast did an amazing job portraying the issues associated with the torment and horror Dean witnessed within the Pit. I was setting up on the advantage of my chair the initial few episodes wanting to know how they were likely to show an Angel? Would they become more powerful than Demons? Can anything destroy them? I would find out later on that maybe they could be killed!