Wearing Hat Has a Purpose, But Taking Off Is an Etiquette

Custom Headwear Hats have been associated with etiquettes for long. We use the phrase “hats off” to praise someone for his excellent work and we see people making salute with their hat. People remove their hat when they visit to someone’s funeral. Removing a hat when you enter someone’s home, at the dining table, indoor at work, in public buildings, in restaurants, or in a house of worship (unless it is a custom) is deemed as an etiquette. A gentleman should take off his hat while talking to a lady.

Some facts about a hat You see that hat is a symbol of respect and taking off hat in certain situation is an etiquette and this is what all the men are supposed to follow, but for women, wearing hat is no requirement in any custom. However, many women wear it for fashion. Do you know that all decoration or ornament in man’s hat should be on the left side and a vice versa of this is true for woman? Tipping your hat Tipping of the hat is a straight gesture of politeness. This is a custom in the military salute. To tip means to barely lift a hat as a mark of respect and to touch an edge with a nod of the head. This is the custom followed usually by men. You will have many opportunities to tip your hat when you wear it at a meet. Men tip their hat when meeting a lady. This is a part of etiquettes associated with wearing of hat by men. Purpose of wearing a hat Wearing a hat or a headwear has a reason. Custom Headgear is a mandate of the peers in the religion and one has to follow it. Custom Hats are also essential requirement in certain jobs such as military and police and an employee cannot go against this mandate. But for some people, fashion is the purpose to wear a hat.