Why quality assurance programs must facilitate two-way communication

A company that implements a Call Quality Assurance program must ensure that the program is effective. An effective quality assurance program is one that facilitates two-way communication. This is basically the communication between call center agents and reviewers. Part of quality assurance program development must involve setting up a process whereby agents are able to receive completed evaluations about them. They should then be allowed to review the evaluations along with any other recorded customer transactions. Once this is done, agents should be allowed to channel any feedback or questions back to the QA specialist or reviewer.

During the early stages of rolling-out the Call Center QA program, call center agents who aren’t used to being supervised or monitored have high chances of getting low scores and will likely challenge those low scores. In this case, it is important that managers should have a method that allows call center agents to properly voice any objections they might have on their evaluations and escalate these concerns without any fear of repercussions. Evaluations are generally important because they tell a company of how well the agents are at the work they do. But where agents disagree with how they are evaluated or with the scores given to them, the best option for managers is to forward the scores or the evaluations in general to a designated arbitrator. This person will give the final disposition. While there will always be challenges with evaluation scores, the advantage is that such challenges do not happen frequently or consistently. When these challenges do arise, it is important that call center agents should feel comfortable in voicing the dissention and raise concerns. It is also important that Call QA reviewers should be able to substantiate and explain how customer transactions are evaluated and this should be based on the system and recording information. They should also be able to cite written policies and procedures when doing these evaluations. click here for more information about Call Center Quality Assurance