Why should you implement social wifi

These days, whenever you walk into a restaurant you expect to have free wifi too. It is quite the norm these days. But not all restaurants are aware of the importance of the wireless network – how it brings in great business opportunities and the happiness of the customer. Social wifi lets you connect through your social media networks. Some examples of such services are Spoton . Now let us see how such services would benefit your business –

Customer – When your customer makes a connection with your wifi service, rather than look at a boring sign in screen, he gets to instantly interact with the brand. Customers can use their social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, or connect through their emails. This is mostly a one-time task. Next time they visit you again, the wifi system would recognize them and take them in right away. However, your analytic system would inform you that they are back. The moment the user is connected to the network, cookies are collected. When they sign in, you get some details about the customer; that is if they opt for this. It is always best to go in for a permission based style lest you offend them. Check out Horeca wifi if you are interested in this strategy.
Referral marketing – Social wifi has the capability to convert an ordinary restaurant into a modern and hip meeting place. Since the system is based on social media; and since it is quite a trend these days – customers might share their location on their media and that way other people get to know about your restaurant. What with friends seeing their post and if they comment; then their friends would know. The news spreads and so does the name of your restaurant. Social wifi is a great way to concentrate on your customer and spread the word about your restaurant.